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 The Ceremony

There are several ways to incorporate Circle and its sacred values in your wedding ceremony. I am happy to create a Circle design that compliments the wedding couple and fits in addition to your marriage commissioner or pastor's ceremony design and role, including facilitating the Circle portion of your ceremony. Talking pieces can be supplied as well as some additional props, if fitting to your vision (e.g. musical instruments, rocks or flags markers, etc.). 

To Book: Send an email identifying your 1) wedding day/time 2) vision for Circle in your ceremony and 3) your facilitation services needs.

Options available include (and not limited to): 

Circle Wedding Package: 

* Consultation (pre-wedding meeting) to discuss 'what/who/when/where' of your Circle ceremony.

* Developing your Circle design (& written details/resources where applicable).

* Introduction to Circle, including a 'council' session with couple (~2 hours)

* Ceremony facilitation on the day of your wedding.

Cost: $325 

Circle can be a meaningful and heartfelt touch to add to your special day!


"Passing around of a talking piece, to engage wedding guests in a 'blessing" for the marriage couple". Photography by Don Young Photography.

$Money$ should not keep you from experiencing and sharing Circle on one of the most meaningful days of your life - nor should it keep you from learning how to transform and build your relationship as you prepare for and/or enjoy together your new 'married' life. Please see the "Compassion Request Form" if this is an honest need and concern.



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