Couples "Council"

Circle (also known as "Council") is a useful communications method for: "checking-in" with one another, communicating your vision & values for a healthy relationship, strengthening loving connections OR addressing more sensitive or difficult matters with your partner. By engaging in Circle with your partner, you can learn values to transform your relationship, as you interact and communicate with each other in a more respectful and meaningful way. To hold Circle or Council simply means that you chose to:

Prioritize space and time to cultivate your relationship where each other's 'voice' is valuable, where you treat each other as an equal and take turns speaking from the heart about what matters to you while the other one listens attentively and respectfully.

As Circle facilitator, I help you 'hold together' a more sacred space for speaking & listening, offer deep thought-provoking questions, and act as 'mediator' to ensure that both individuals uphold the Circle values, principles and practices as you engage in the process.

Please note: The process of Circle council  is not to be confused with counsel facilitated by trained health professionals. This is not a self-help or therapy focused practice, but rather a more sacred way to come together to communicate with one another in a more authentic, meaningful way. Each member comes to Circle as 'able', standing in their own wholeness, and taking responsibility for what they do or do not contribute.

To Book:

Send an email or call to book. We'll work together to accommodate Circle to fit your unique needs.

         $60/hour for the first & second session.

                  $50/hour for the third & all other sessions.

Approximate length of a session is 1.5 to 2 hour

          Sessions typically in our garden circle (summer) or home (winter).

Additional fees may be added if travel required.


"In our garden. Circle conversation space through archway."  Photo by Don Young Photography. 


$Money$ should not keep you from experiencing and sharing Circle on one of the most meaningful days of your life - nor should it keep you from learning how to transform and build your relationship as you prepare for and/or enjoy together your new 'married' life. Please see the "Compassion Request Form" - if this is an honest need and concern.




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