About Laura

            LAURA CAMERON, M.A., is an environmental educator & consultant, community-builder, Circlekeeper, beekeeper, and foodscape gardener living in Chilliwack, British Columbia. With eight years plus community-building and environmental work experience in various roles including programs coordinator and community organizer for environmental non-profits, and volunteer board of director for grassroots communities Laura has deeply explored "What is community?" and "How do we create well-being for all?" A Circle practitioner since 2004, a student of leading practitioners along the way (Way of Council, Circle Way), Laura studied Circle and its significance for Environmental Education (EE) for a Master of Arts degree in Environmental Education and Communication (2009-2011) at Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C. Laura now advocates Circle as an exceptional tool for community-building and environmental Work purposes and continues to find ways to utilize this process for creating individual and community well-being. Finally, Laura took up beekeeping in 2012 and discovered that bees also have something to teach us about this too! See her recent publication Circlebee: A book about Circle & bees (2013) to learn more.

Circlebee Quote: "Coming to know honeybees more intimately as an amateur beekeeper has had a profound impact on the way I now understand Circle. As a bumbling builder learning how to be in a time of ecological crisis and uncertainty I have found that beekeeping and Circlekeeping educe a way of being and being together that embodies courage, heart, gentleness, mindfulness, generosity, and gratitude. Coming to know Circle in this beeautiful way has filled me with the greatest hope that YES! it is possible to heal the relationships we humans have with the earth and all its beings through this transformative process."



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