Laura's Beekeeping Background...

Laura teaches Beekeeping Basics for new & emerging beekeepers. Her workshops are designed to empower confidence in new beekeepers, support decision-making and learning, and shed light on some of the mysteries one can discover in the world of beekeeping.
Laura is also available for: special guest presentations/talks/lectures on honeybees & beekeeping; and offers school program/field days, and therapeutic beekeeping opportunities too!
Laura's background in beekeeping includes: 7+ years experiences with bees; Completed 6 weeks(over 6 months) organic beekeeping course, Blessed Bee Farm 2012; Completed Ministry of Apiculture Beekeeping Course 2013; Completed Queen Rearing Workshop, Hives for Humanity 2018; Completed BCHPA Certified Instructors Course, 2019. Also, writer/publisher of: Circlebee: A book about Circle & bees (2013, Bumblebee Circle Publishing), and Beekeeping Basics: A Handbook for New & Emerging Beekeepers (2016, Bumblee Circle Publishing). And the Chilliwack Beekeeping Community Coordinator 2013 to present...
Mentoring Opportunities
Need extra hands, eyes and heart as you learn the skills of beekeeping? Laura will come support you! $50 a session (1-2 hours). Extra fees may apply out of Chilliwack area.
Interested in keeping honeybees?
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See also Laura's Basic Beekeeping: A Handbook for New & Emerging Beekeepers. 2016. Bumblebee Circle publishing.
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