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Beekeeping Basics is a useful tool for absorbing the gist of what beekeeping entails and a quick read over key beekeeping basics one can discover upon the decision to get bees. Laura wrote this handbook to empower confidence in new beekeepers, support decision-making and learning, and shed light on some of the mysteries one can discover in the world of beekeeping.
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Circlebee: A book about Circle & bees (2013).
This is a book about Circle and a tribute to bees. Drawing from the wisdom of bees & beekeeping, Laura provides answers to questions like: What is community? What is Circle and how can it be used for community-building? How do we build healthy communities for all beings? It is a handbook for the disheartened, and a how-to guide for Circlekeeping. If you are interested in Circle or bees, or work in the field of community-building, the environment, or EDUCATION, this book is for you!
Beekeeping Basics: A handbook for new & emerging beekeepers. (2016).

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