About Laura

Laura Cameron-Delisle [M.A., B.A] is an environmental educator & consultant, community-builder, Circlekeeper, beekeeper, foodscape gardener, and writer living in Chilliwack, British Columbia. With 10+ years community-building and environmental work experience in various roles including programs coordinator/community organizer for environmental non-profits & volunteer board director for grassroots communities, Laura has deeply explored "What is community?" and "How do we create well-being for all?" A Circle practitioner since 2004, a student of leading practitioners along the way (Way of Council, The Circle Way), Laura studied Circle and its significance for Environmental Education (EE) for a Master of Arts degree in Environmental Education and Communication (2009-2011) at Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C. In 2012, Laura took up beekeeping and discovered that honeybees have something to teach us about a community way of being too!
As I embodied the role of beekeeper, the role of Circle facilitator, which I now call Circlekeeper became clear. Drawing from beekeeping and bees, I created the design Circlebee, a way of seeing the world and all it entails through the world of bees. Bees provide a living metaphor that can deepen our understanding of Circle and its use for effective 'community-building'. This is what distinguishes my understanding of Circle from other Circle practitioners: I provide another way to describe this ancient, sacred and social process with a tangible environmental concept. By applying bee wisdom to empower Circlekeeping, I also bring to light genuine environmental concern that we may find ourselves at odds with. The plight of bees serves as a mere paradigm to numerous environmental concerns we face today. Above all, I have come to know Circle as a method of Environmental Education(EE), which I define as anything that can help bring about a change of conditions in order that we may live more sustainably (and healthier) upon the Earth. My passion for Circle is then - to see this process utilized more in our daily lives, in the work that we do, in the learning & development of our children & youth (in the classroom) - as an instrument for change in the way we are being - to a more community way of being where we can take better care of all.
See also Circlebee, Laura's how-to Circle handbook for teachers and community leaders!

The Bumblebee Circle