Circles for Rites of Passage - Birth, Marriage, Death
Engaging in Circle for life's important events can help us: tune into
a sense of the sacred; accentuate meaning around what matters most; connect & bond us together around a shared experience...

*** "Keep a Circle" as an alternative "baby shower" or "bridal shower" event.

*** Incorporate Circle's sacred values/rituals in your wedding ceremony.

*** Draw from Circle for meaningful story-telling, mindfulness & remembrance, connection & healing - as you celebrate (and mourn) the life of a loved one lost.

I am happy to create (and host) a meaningful design that fits with your vision. Let's connect in person to talk more about it. Free Consultation Appointment.
Circles for End of Life & Grief Processing
Circles provide a safe space to explore our thoughts & feelings around mortality, loss and grief. We can utilize Circle to connect with others around what matters most to us as we face end of life, the loss of a loved one, or matters that bring us grief (e.g. divorce, separation). Circles support sensitive matters by asking us to slow down, be fully present and open-hearted to what may arise; and the process' agreements (ways we agree to be together), ensure confidentiality, respectful listening, among other healthy community-building (relationship-building) practices.

The Bumblebee Circle