Environmental Education
It is the aim of Environmental Education (EE) to bring about a change of conditions to live sustainably on the Earth. So then, Circle is Environmental Education in action! How so? When we begin to interact with each other in a more respectful, cooperative, authentic way - as the Circle process can empower - we can create greater capacity within us to interact with the natural world likewise. Three important areas to incorporate Circle into the classroom for Environmental Education purposes include:
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Evoking Wonder & Curiosity for the Natural World
Discovering Ecological Identity
Addressing Ecological Grief
CIRCLE WORKSHOPS: Learning sessions/seminars/curriculum for students, teachers or staff including *IN-CLASS WORKSHOPS* (SEE blue box above) and *PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY WORKSHOPS*(half or full days) to:
Opportunities for Schools...
Discover the essential building blocks of Circle (Circle values, principles & practices), key Circlekeeping (facilitator) skills, and ways to utilize Circles in the classroom for Environmental Education purposes.
See also Circlebee, Laura's how-to Circle handbook for teachers and community leaders!
See also, BEEKEEPING. Honeybee Education
Opportunities also available for Schools.

The Bumblebee Circle