Three(3) Environmental Education Circles
If we slow down long enough to really listen & see what’s around us, nature can surprise us and bring us into a place of wonder! Tapping into a sense of wonder can bring us into a more hopeful place, it can help us feel more connected to the natural world, and give us an understanding of our role within it. When we share our meaningful nature stories in Circle we foster this sense of wonder.
Circles to Discover Ecological Identity
In Circle, we can explore the different ways we understand ourselves in relationship to the Earth, including our values, beliefs, motivations, background, etc. that make up our worldview about the natural world. We do this simply by coming together to speak & listen from the heart about meaningful nature experiences and the things that matter most to us about the planet Earth. When we identify with our ecological self we undergo a process of self-realization as we awaken to the interconnectedness of all living beings and become conscious of something bigger than our own ego. Through this experience we can then feel compassion (an ethic of outward self-love), for the ecological world. It is the awakening of this compassion for the Earth, through self-awareness of the ecological self (in Circle), that can move us to take better care of the natural world.

Circles to Support Ecological Grief & Loss
Circles to Evoke Wonder for the Natural World
We are now hearing more often that we need a radical change in the way we are living in relationship to the planet. The ecological impact of industrialized civilization is apparent: global warming, pollution, species extinction, deforestation and so on. We are bombarded with the knowledge of environmental loss and destruction from the media, and from information-intensive school curriculums; which research now shows is causing an increasing sense of anxiety, hopelessness, and disconnection from nature among us. When we become more aware of what’s happening around us, and more self-aware about our role in nature, it can evoke a sense of pain or grief within us. Circle offers a means to address this 'ecological grief' and to acquire essential grief communication and life skills - so we have the opportunity to more fully understand our place in this world and improve upon our circumstances.

The Bumblebee Circle