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Years ago I became wonderfully fascinated with bees and began to watch them attentively with joy. I also took up the practice of beekeeping to study them more closely. The more I learned about bees, the more I saw a connection between their 'way of beeing' and the potential of human beings. I find it remarkable that these beautiful creatures (social bees in particular) spend their time serving the collective good. All that hard work makes life sweeter for the whole and helps to sustain the community through adversity. Their way of community being offers wisdom for how to live…

Learning from bees I developed a way to come to know, and perhaps more deeply understand the Circle process - which I describe in Circlebee: A book about Circle & bees, 2013 Bumblebee Circle Publishing. Using my design Circlebee, I offer unique Circle workshop opportunities to further the understanding of and practice of Circle in everyday living.  Drawing from 'bee wisdom' we explore together, What is Circle and how can we use it here? (e.g. in the classroom, in the work space, within our community group, in our family, with my friends, in my peer group, etc.). 

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