Circle Facilitation 

As a Circlekeeper (a.k.a Circle facilitator), I help individuals & groups hold together a more contained safe social space for respectful speaking & listening. - where everyone can contribute in a way that they feel included, heard and respected. I facilitate this process (call the Circle, set the tone / create the environment, open & close the sacred Circle space, ask deep thought-provoking questions, mediate group sharing, etc.) and teach you Circle's values, principles and practices (a.k.a. Circle agreements) as you engage in the process.

Essentially, I give you the building blocks for Circle, so that you can then make it your own and use it to enhance your group's vision & purpose.

Circle facilitation services can be useful, rewarding, and meaningful for a variety of purposes -

Here are some suggestions:

* Invite your friends or family over to experience Circle - Host a Circle Home Party!

* Call a Circle within your group/organization/club - Host a Learning Event -  learn how to utilize Circle to support your group's goals/purpose.

* Change things up for an evening with your knitting circle, book club, women's group, hobby club, etc. -  Call a Circle!

* Schedule a Professional Development Workshop with your employees / staff.

* Invite Circle Into Your Classroom - for an a.m. or p.m.  interactive activity - simply to learn the process or to aid learning, address conflict, or other.

* Invite Circle to help with group: forming, brainstorming, problem-solving, team-building, etc.

* Host a Rites of Passage Circle as an alternative "baby shower" or "bridal shower" (for example) - - Engage in Circle to celebrate special landmarks in your life.

* Host a Circle with your loved ones to support loss (e.g. death of a loved one, transitioning change, etc.).

Here are some more examples of and exceptional uses for Circle (but not limited to): Click on the links...



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