Discovery Ecological Identity through Circle

I use the term ecological self to define all the different ways we can understand ourselves in relationship to the Earth, including our values, beliefs, ideals, motivations, background, etc. that make up our worldview about the natural world. The Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess was the first to coin the term ecological self to describe our identification with the natural world and all living beings. He believed that when we identify with our ecological self we undergo a process of self-realization as we awaken to the interconnectedness of all living beings and become conscious of something bigger than our own ego; and through this experience we can then feel compassion (an ethic of outward self-love), for the ecological world. It is the awakening of this compassion for the Earth, through empowering self-awareness of the ecological self that can empower us to live more sustainably.

We can explore ecological self using Circle - simply, when we come together to speak and listen from the heart about meaningful nature experiences and the things that matter most about the planet Earth.

"What might there be realized when we experience 

ecological self in a collective setting?"



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