Host a Small Group Workshop/Class  (Minimum 5 persons to a maximum of 25)

[Cost per person OR rate by hour available]

a. Learn the basics of Circle including its values, principles and practices (~2 hrs)

b. Learn the basics and other types of designs you can utilize (~4-6 hrs)

c. Learn the basics, different designs, and Circle facilitation leadership skills to establish Circle practice in your group meetings (over 6 hrs). 

Options b & c can be scheduled over several days. 

Here are some suggestions:

* Invite your friends or family over to experience Circle - Host a Circle Home Party.

* Call a Circle within your group/organization/club - Host a Learning Event -  learn how to utilize Circle to support your group's goals/purpose.

* Schedule a Professional Development Workshop with your employees / staff.

* Invite Laura to speak about the significance of Circle (& bees) for community-building, collaboration, etc. unique to your group's circumstances.


To Book:  Contact or call 604-703-0341 to discuss the possibilities! See also our "Circle (small) Workshop"   form.


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