Host a Large Workshop (25 persons & up)

$ 90-120 / hour (depending on group size)

1. Learn about the Circle process (e.g. speaker presentations, talks, professional development learning opportunities, etc.)


2. Host a creative facilitation workshop. A variety of group process designs and methods will be utilized to focus on group needs & vision.


Creative Facilitation Workshops are ideal for:

"Forming, Storming, Norming & Conforming" 

* New groups forming & learning how to work together

* Brainstorming & the pulling together of diverse ideas - envisioning group projects/events

* Dealing with issues that have become barriers to moving forward with decision-making or project undertaking

* Addressing group 'elephants in the room', conflict-resolution & problem-solving

* Strategic planning of projects/events or important changes that need to be made

* Relationship-building for successful group collaboration and team work 

"Relationship Tune-ins" 

* Focusing on 'relationships' and 'community-building' between individuals

* "Checking-in" with each other & creating space for everyone to be seen and heard

* Reflecting on what's past, addressing the now, and envisioning a 'healthy' future

* Connecting to self & others - getting away from the 'do, do, do' and learning how to 'be' with each other


To Book: Contact or call 604-703-0341 to discuss the possibilities!

See also "Host a Large Group Workshop" form.


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